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How the Stainless Steel Magnet Works

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"How does it work"

Q: How do I use the Stainless Cling?
A: The Stainless Cling was designed and engineered to adhere to smooth surfaces like Stainless Steel Fridges. Follow the easy instructions below to start using your clings:
1. Make sure the surface of the fridge is clean and not oily.
2. Peel the cling from the back of the card.
3. Apply the sticky part of your cling to the back of your object.
4. Peel off the white release liner paper-Don’t touch the cling surface.
5. Press the cling firmly to the fridge surface.
Q: Will these damage my fridge?
A: NO, The stainless Cling was engineered to not damage the stainless steel surface of the fridge (do not use on wood surfaces).
Q: After I remove the Cling from my fridge, there is a small shadow that appears where the cling was on the fridge.  How do I get this off?
A: This is normal and the shadow can be removed using window cleaner, or a non-oil based stainless steel cleaner.
Q: The cling fell off my fringe.
A: This is most likely because the surface of the fringe was dirty or oily to begin with.  The Stainless Cling likes to be applied to clean surfaces, so remove all the dirt/oil using a window cleaner or a non-oil based stainless steel cleaner.
Q: The cling still fell off my fringe.
A: One cling can only hold the equivalent of one thick sheet of paper.  If you have something larger or heaver, use multiple clings on the object distributed around the whole surface.
Q: What shouldn’t I use the Stainless cling on?
A: DO NOT USE THE CLING ON ANYTHING WOOD.  The cling may react with certain finishes and remove the finish from the wood.
Q: What other surfaces can I use the cling on?
A: The Stainless Cling can be used on any smooth surface like glass, laminate cabinets, smooth painted metal, smooth plastic and some gloss/semi-gloss painted walls.  Test the surface before trusting that your object will stay in place.
Q: How long will an object stay clung to my fridge with the Stainless Cling?
A: The Stainless Cling has been tested on adhering to stainless fridges for up to one year.  However, the Stainless Cling may fall off sooner if the original surface was not clean.
Q: The cling fell off and the back got dirty, is it still good?
A: YES, the Cling likes to be clean, so just gently wipe off the dirt using a wet paper towel with some window cleaner.  As soon as all the dirt is gone, you can reapply the cling to your surface using the instructions above.
Q: Can I use cling on my favorite magnets?
A: Yes, simply use one or multiple clings, depending on the size and weight of the magnet.

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